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How long will it take to lease my property?

We get asked this question all the time and it does depend on the market, the type of property you have and location. The Beachside team will work with you to obtain the best outcome, in the shortest possible time. Our team will ensure all potential tenants meet our strict guidelines before we book them in for a viewing of your property.

How do you determine the best rent for my property?

We do a rental valuation to see where every property fits in the current market. We work with our owners to achieve the highest possible rents, although we need to keep in mind if we are not receiving any enquiry then the rent that has been set may be considered too high for the location and we will quickly rectify the situation with the owner’s consent.

What if I am wanting to achieve a higher rent than you have recommended?

am always happy to shoot for the stars, however if your property is not receiving any enquiry, or you have not received a rental application, within 4 to 6 days (depending on the season the property is being rented for), then it needs be reduced to meet the market.

You may place your property on the market at whatever rental amount you wish. However, keep in mind that it is market demand that sets the rent, and if the market (i.e. prospective tenants looking for a rental property) think that the asking rent is too high, your property may stay vacant longer than necessary and cost you in the long run.

Please take into consideration, that every week your property is vacant, it reduces your annual income by 2%.

What is the length of the average tenancy?

Beachside would only draw up a lease for a minimum period of 6 months and a maximum period of 12 months. We believe that the market is continually changing and it is wiser to allow for a moving market and maximize your return.

Do you guarantee the tenant?

We can never guarantee the performance of the tenant for your property. We can only use our professional skills and experience to verify that the tenant can afford to pay the rent and to form an opinion on whether the tenant will maintain the property to an acceptable standard.

As the paying of rent and the maintaining of the property is purely voluntary on the tenant`s part, we cannot guarantee any tenancy outcome. This is a landlord risk that comes with owning an investment property. We recommend that you take out landlord protection insurance if the risk greatly concerns you. Please refer to our advice on landlord insurance as a guide.

Who signs the tenancy documentation?

We as your agent will arrange to draw up the leases and all other relevant paper work and then have everything signed on your behalf. Once this is completed, we will send you a copy of the lease contract for your files.

Can I as the owner include some extra terms in the lease?

Yes, of course, and this is something that we encourage, as long as the inclusions comply with the current legislation. This is recorded in the Form 6 that you sign , or can also be provided in an email form. However, it is always best to have any further conditions in writing, as this ensures that we are all on the same page.

Who pays for damage by the tenant?

The question of what constitutes damage and what is considered acceptable “wear and tear” is always an issue in property management.

The bond usually provides sufficient protection to remedy the damage in most cases. Where the damage to a property is attributable to a tenant that is not considered normal wear and tear falls to us as the property managers to recoup on behalf of the owner.

If we are unsuccessful, the owner can take action in the Tribunal against the tenant.

Also, landlord protection insurance can cover this type of situation – depending on the type of policy.

Can I as the owner nominate someone to act on my behalf in emergencies?

Yes, an owner has the right to give authority to a nominated party and we suggest you nominate someone locally to act as your representative in case of an emergency. Owners are asked to ensure the nominated person is advised of the extent of their authority.

Can we meet after office hours?

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, yes of course we can meet whenever it suits you…that is the Beachside difference…We are a fully mobile property management service and we will come to you, or we can chat by email or phone – whatever is more convenient for you.Our current owners and tenants just love that we are so flexible and it is a win/win for all.

We are ready to sign up…so what’s next?

That’s fabulous…

We are sure that you will be extremely happy with your decision and now we begin the paperwork…
All Landlords must complete the Property Occupation Act – Form 6 and we will guide you through this process.

Once all parties have signed all the relevant documents and you have been completely briefed on all aspects of our mutual agreement, we will get started on placing your property into the rental market.

For those who have made the decision to rent – then again congratulations and rest assured that we will guide you through the process of the rental agreement step by step.

The Beachside team will now take the worry out of your hands and we will do all the work and keep both landlord and tenant well informed and introduce you to …. the Beachside difference

We are sure that you may have some more questions, so please feel free to either send us an email at or give Liz a call on 0438 409 842.

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Weekends and Public Holidays by appointment

Remember we are mobile property service, so if you need to contact us outside of our official business hours, please do so via email on or please call us on 0438 409 842, and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

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