How? We Take Our Time !!


Here at Beachside Property Rentals, when it comes to tenant selections – we spend a lot of time talking to prospective tenants, either in person or on the phone if they are interstate to ensure the property does fit their needs. We meet with the tenant where possible to explain the lease before it is signed, so every tenant is aware of there obligations.

Most times, if possible, we do this at a local cafe over coffee which is a more related environment. We ensure we are always accessible to you! At Beachside, you definitely won’t get screened by a receptionist as we answer our calls and are happy to get you the best outcome!

We look for the best tenants for our landlords and we choose what we would expect out of a tenant if they were to rent our own property.

Equally we look for the right home for our prospective tenants, ensuring we know exactly what they want and need.

None of the – let’s just get this rented – we want the home to suit everyone!

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