Do you need that perfect beach for your family – where you know the children are safe from large tides and waves. We we have it – Currimundi Lake – Welcome back to this weeks showcase of the most beautiful beaches that are the Sunshine Coast and why you should book


and enjoy what Universe has created for us all. Today we are looking at:

Currimundi Lake

If you like your beaches with water that’s a little bit more predictable, lay down your towel on the shores of Currimundi Lake. Opening onto the open ocean but with a gentle-moving current, the lake is a massive drawcard for young families and Let-me-faceplant-the-water toddlers.

Currimundi is located on the northern boundary of the Caloundra area of the Sunshine Coast, about a 50 minute drive from Noosa.

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Doubly blessed with a natural lake connected to a long and unspoilt stretch of beautiful surf beach, it is the place to relax for a few hours or stay a little longer. Kids and adults alike love the lake’s large expanse of water for swimming and frolicking on the sandy shores. The lake and beachfront have extensive parks and walkways for the public to enjoy before or after a swim in the surf or the calm waters of the lake. The lake is perfect for canoeing, kayaking and just paddling about. Try fishing from the shore or in a small motorised boat. 

On the northern shore of Lake Currimundi is an area protected from development that showcases the natural beauty of the area. The Currimundi Lake Conservation Park is an unspoilt area of coastline and wallum heath. Check out the native wildflowers in early Spring. Enjoy picnicking, birdwatching and studying nature, taking long bushwalks and admiring the views from the lookout. People in wheelchairs can use the first 130 metres of the walking track to the lake lookout.

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