Welcome back to this weeks showcase of the most beautiful beaches that are the Sunshine Coast and why you should book


and enjoy what Universe has created for us all. Today we are looking at:

Alexandria Bay


Tucked between Sunshine Beach and Noosa, Alexandria Bay or A-Bay to the locals only welcomes those who are eager enough to trek the 20-minute walk from wherever you parked your car (way longer if you’re entering from the Noosa end). Although the signage is rather sad you can follow Blue Route 5 and you will have no trouble finding A-Bay. A-Bay beach is very clean but it’s not patrolled for swimming – so stay safe – and enjoy the view. Totally worth the sweaty mission in summer, but don’t forget supplies! There is no drinking water or food available and there’s nothing worse then leaving after an hour because you didn’t bring all that you need! Oh, its not a suitable walk for wheelchairs or prams either. A word of warning for the faint hearted – this is an unofficial nudist-friendly paradise is where you can take your kit off!

Below Courtesy of: Visit Sunshine Coast

You’ll find this dramatic sweep of golden sand and sparkling surf between Hells Gates and Devils Kitchen in Noosa National Park. It’s a three kilometer scenic hike to reach “A-Bay” (as the locals call it) and the beach’s isolation made it (until recently) a hotspot for those who enjoyed getting back to nature wearing nothing more than sunscreen. The remoteness of this beach makes it the perfect place for those who want to escape the cares of the world – just make sure you bring enough food and water to sustain you for the whole day as there are no amenities there. Drop your towel, catch up on some holiday reading and watch the surfers pick off the waves from inside pockets at the end of the beach. Caution: The beach is unpatrolled so take a quick plunge rather than a long swim. Getting there: Park at McAnally Drive in Sunshine Beach and take the track into Noosa National Park. It’s about a 20 minute walk to reach Alexandria Bay.


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