This week we are going to showcase the most beautiful beaches that are the Sunshine Coast and why you should book


and enjoy what Universe has created for us all. Today we are looking at:

Noosa Main Beach


So it’s covered with more tourists than you can poke your beach umbrella at, but if you get past the melting pot of conversations happening around you, then Noosa Main Beach is hands down one of the best beaches on the Sunshine Coast! Facing north, it’s the sheltered place to run to when most of the coast’s beaches are blown out. Want to enjoy the beach without actually stepping on it? Pull up a chair at the Noosa surf club (which is smack bang on the beach) or at one of the fancy cafes dotted along the boardwalk.


The Noosa Heads Coastal Walk is a great way to explore all of the amazing beaches in Noosa and during the winter months you may even be able to spot a Humpback Whale! The Noosa Heads Coastal Walk which will take you from Noosa Main Beach to Sunshine Beach is 5.4km and so will take around 3 hours to complete, give or take a few minutes here or there. Give yourself plenty of time to do the walk because there are numerous photo opportunities along the way so it could take you much longer.

Come back tomorrow and see what Alexandria Bay has to offer …


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